Elevating Organizational Security with OmniGaze

In a world of competition and growing pace, the alignment of strategic goals with a secure technological infrastructure is paramount. OmniGaze emerges as a critical tool in this landscape, offering a comprehensive solution for enhancing organizational security. It provides an in-depth view across all applications within an organization, pinpointing potential security vulnerabilities, whether due to outdated software or non-compliance with current security standards. By enabling timely updates and patches, OmniGaze plays a vital role in sustaining a secure digital environment, thereby minimizing the risk of data breaches and cyber threats.

Integrating Advanced Security Features

OmniGaze's security suite is designed with precision to address various facets of digital security:

  • OS and SQL Server Lifecycle Management: Offers a detailed overview of your operating systems and SQL Server lifecycles, ensuring that all systems are up-to-date and secure.
  • Geolocation Mapping: Provides geolocation mapping for unknown IP addresses, enhancing visibility into network interactions and potential external threats.
  • Process Monitoring: Identifies processes connecting to external IP addresses, offering insights into their locations and the nature of these connections.
  • Password Policy Enforcement: Highlights users failing to adhere to password change policies, a crucial step in maintaining access security.
  • Connection String Security: Detects insecure connection strings lacking encrypted passwords, prompting necessary corrections to protect data integrity.
  • Windows Firewall Policy: Delivers an overview of actively used ports between servers and automates the generation of firewall rules based on this activity, optimizing network security.
  • Server Shares Oversight: Monitors server shares containing business-critical data and controls user access, safeguarding sensitive information.
  • Insecure Features Audit: Provides an inventory of installed insecure optional features, such as SMB 1.0, recommending deactivation where necessary.
  • CVE Vulnerability Management: Actively detects vulnerabilities in installed applications, facilitating proactive threat mitigation.