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OmniGaze uses AI to streamline IT, boost security, ensure compliance, and optimize resources, helping businesses cut costs, adopt sustainable practices, and drive growth through strategic insights.

About us

See the UnSeen, Know the UnKnown

Digital Ecosystem Management provides the fastest comprehensive software for IT actionable insights so businesses can collaborate between C-suite to IT management and high-level architects.

OmniGaze is the fastest, cheapest, and deepest platform available, setting a new standard for what businesses can expect from the AI era.

Use cases of Digital Ecosystem Management

Business Blueprint

Simplify application mapping, tracking and management with the fastest solution on the market offering full visibility from acquisition to retirement, including usage, users, costs, risk, dependencies, etc.

Cost Reduction

With a holistic real-time overview, organizations can easily rightsize, rationalize, consolidate and decommission in the application and infrastructure layers covering both onprem and in cloud.


With OmniGaze, organizations can identify and prioritize vulnerabilities, visualizing the attack surface to mitigate security risks.


Ensure adherence to relevant laws, regulations and standards (e.g. NIST, CIS18, NIS2, DORA, GDPR, etc.), making it an indispensable tool for maintaining regulatory compliance.


Efficient application management means less energy consumption, especially in large data centers, and reduced electronic waste from unnecessary hardware and cloud.

Top-Line Growth

Find out how we help you significantly contribute to topline growth by enhancing various aspects of business operations.

Latest News and Updates

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