Business Capability Mapping

Visualize the relationship between the business strategy and the IT landscape.
Identify how different business functions are supported by IT services and infrastructure.

Architecture Strategy

Define a long-term roadmap for technology and systems to guide current and future IT investments. This aligns with the overall business strategy and includes the evolution of the IT landscape.

Security and Compliance

Develop strategies to protect enterprise data and manage access.

Application Portfolio Management

Manage the collection of IT projects and assets to ensure they deliver value to the business.

Metrics and KPIs

Measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Enterprise architecture initiatives. Track the performance and impact of the EA program on Business Objectives.

ServiceNow Integration

(Currently in private preview)

Application Mapping

Automize application discovery to application portfolio.

Lifecycle Awareness

Automatically map known lifecycles to applications.

LeanIX Integration

(Currently in private preview)

Asset Inventory

Inventory of hardware configuration, resource usage, installed software etc.

Identify Running Processes

Insight into which processes (programs and services) that are used.

3D Visualization

Smart architecture. Visualize your entire IT Infrastructure with deep dive into every asset and their connectivity to resources.

Analyze Windows Event Logs

Consolidation of raw data from Windows Eventlogs over a given period of time on selected servers. Aggregation of event logs across servers, visualizing trends of eventlogs.

Detect Log Files

Save time identifying and analyzing application log files on servers for the running processes.

Identify Service Accounts

Overview of unused service accounts not associated with a service on scanned servers.

Identify RDP Sessions

Identify RDP sessions from users and their current session time.

Identify Dead Computer Objects in Active Directory

Identify potential dead assets which have not been responding and having last logon at least x days back.

Asset Optimization

Optimize and right size servers with the actual needed resources using percentile graphs on each assets.

Change tracking

Computer Objects Created

Track computer objects created in Active Directory.

Connections Detected

Track new connections between assets and processes.

Processes Started

Track user and system processes.

SQL Server Wait Statistics

Wait statistics for the individual SQL Server and with the option to aggregate across all SQL Servers and gain insight into what optimization options there are for the entire infrastructure.

Backup Overview

Overview of SQL Server backup configurations (recovery model) and latest backup time.

CIS Benchmark

Continuously perform CIS SQL Benchmark scanning of SQL Servers and identify options for hardening security.


Gain insight into which users have access to databases through an access hierarchy from SQL users to Active Directory users and security groups.

Connections Strings

Get an overview of applications’ use of connectionstrings against SQL Servers.


Provides an overview of SQL Server installed updates and updates available.

Change tracking

Size Tracking

Track table sizes and file sizes of the databases continuously.

SQL Server Configuration Tracking

Compare SQL Server current configuration vs. ‘default’ installation. Continuous monitoring of configuration changes.

Security Tracking

Track SQL permission changes.

Overall IT Health Overview

A snapshot of the current state of your IT infrastructure, including system performance, uptime, and potential issues.

Cost Analysis and Optimization

Detailed insights into IT spending, highlighting areas of inefficiency and recommendations for cost reduction.

Risk Assessment

Identification of security vulnerabilities and compliance risks, along with strategies for mitigation.

Performance Metrics

Data on the performance of various IT components, such as servers and applications, and their impact on business operations.

Resource Utilization

Analysis of how IT resources are being used across the organization, identifying underutilized or overburdened assets.

Business Intelligence Seamless Integration

extract and report insights in your chosen BI platforms, including PowerBI, Tableau and more.

Strategic IT Planning Insights

Long-term trends and forecasts to aid in strategic planning and decision-making.

Sustainability Metrics

Information on energy consumption and carbon footprint, with suggestions for more sustainable IT practices.

Technology Lifecycle Management

Status of existing IT assets in terms of their lifecycle stage, helping in planning upgrades or decommissions.

Compliance Status

Overview of compliance with relevant industry standards and regulations.

Customizable Dashboards

Tailored reports and dashboards based on specific executive needs and preferences.

Disaster Recovery

Visibility of recovery scenarios (RTO and RPO) up to business capabilities level.

  • Omnigaze’s executive reports provide management with a concise, clear understanding of risks and business opportunities.
  • Our platform transforms complex IT data into actionable insights, highlighting cost inefficiencies, security risks, and resource utilization.
  • This enables leaders to proactively mitigate risks and identify growth opportunities, aligning IT with business goals for improved performance and sustainable growth.