Morten Vinther

Morten Vinther

Morten, the CEO of OmniGaze, leads the charge in seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence with Enterprise Architecture, marking a significant leap forward in digital ecosystem management. His expertise, deeply rooted in software development, quality assurance, and process optimization, positions him as a pivotal figure in the tech landscape. Morten’s visionary leadership extends to founding “EA Corner,” the premier Nordic community for IT architects, promoting a culture of innovation and knowledge sharing.

A respected voice in the industry, Morten is known for his compelling presentations at leading forums such as Microsoft Ignite, where he delves into the future of AI, IT inventory management software, and asset discovery tools. Beyond his professional achievements, Morten places great importance on family, embodying the balance between personal and professional life.

With an academic foundation in software engineering from Aarhus University and a comprehensive portfolio of Microsoft certifications, Morten’s areas of expertise include AI, technical debt management, and lean software development. His strategic approach at OmniGaze, coupled with his experience in enhancing IT infrastructure management through advanced IT software inventory management and asset discovery tools, underscores his commitment to driving digital operational excellence and innovation.

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